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If you are ready to find food freedom and improve your overall health then you’ve come to the right place. Dietitians are not the food police but instead can help you find the best ways to fuel yourself for health, happiness and so much more. Below are a list of services that I currently offer to help a variety of individuals meet their nutrition goals. 

My Services

Premium 1:1 Coaching

This is my most in-depth program with personalized recommendations and solutions for your health and nutrition. We work together over 4 months to help rebuild your relationship with food, dig through functional lab testing and optimize your health through diet, lifestyle and supplement changes.  

Signature 10-Week Group Coaching Program 

This is a 10-week Group Coaching Program for anyone who wants to build a better relationship with food and optimize their health and nutrition through simple habit changes. You will have access to a Registered Dietitian weekly as well as the daily support of fellow women who are looking to improve their overall health as well. Working together in a group can help to hold you accountable and encourage you to make changes you might not make alone.

Ask A Dietitian 

Want to learn more about your health and nutrition but not sure you’re ready for the 1:1 commitment? I created this option to help those who want a taste of 1:1 with a dietitian. You will get a chance to ask all of your nutrition questions and get a taste for what it's like to work with a dietitian.

Functional Lab Testing

Ever been told that your lab work looks normal but you feel like something else is missing? We use functional lab testing in my practice to dig a little deeper and find out if anything else is going on. We can look at stool, urine and/or hair to look into what might have been missed elsewhere. These tests are not diagnostic but can help us form a plan to improve diet, lifestyle and supplements based on your individual results. 

The Nourished Network 

A monthly membership for those interested in learning more about their nutrition. I do a lot of Q&A on instagram but I don’t always have time to get to it. This is a guaranteed way to get your questions answered! You also get to interact with like minded individuals which is fun too. 

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