Most people know me as Sassy. I’m the founder and dietitian of Laura Ligos Nutrition aka The Sassy Dietitian, a nutrition private practice helping to empower women to take back control of their health. 

Hi I’m Laura

Your Weight Is the             interesting thing about you


I saw a need for brutal honesty, passion, & love in the nutrition space. I wanted to share my love of food by developing healthy & tasty recipes, debunking health myths, and by giving people a safe space to learn and ask questions about nutrition. I was working in a hospital setting (hated it btw) and I felt like there weren't a ton of resources for people to find answers to their common health questions and the ones out there were so black and white. 

I was so fed up with clinical nutrition that I started The Sassy Dietitian as soon as I could and after it started catching some steam I quit my job as a clinical dietitian and never looked back. The Sassy Dietitian became a place for empowering people to ask questions and find answers that made the most sense for their health journey. It became a “gray area” space leaving room for people to find what works best for them because after all, it depends. 

How Did The Sassy Dietitian Start?

I founded The Sassy Dietitian back in 2014 when I desperately wanted to change the face of nutrition and escape my job as a clinical dietitian. Because I went against the grain so much, the sassy name stuck.

After years of working with 100s of clients, my practice has continued to evolve and so have I. I have found that my brand is so much more than sass and debunking myths. My practice has turned into a safe and compassionate place where women (and often their partners) feel comfortable asking questions and finding solutions that they haven’t been able to find elsewhere. 

Certainly there is some sass in there but there is so much more genuine connection, understanding and client growth happening that The Sassy Dietitian name doesn’t seem to come even close to the work we are all doing together. My mission is to help my clients feel seen and be heard and find answers to their health questions so that they can take back control of their health and feel the best they can in their bodies. I also want to help reduce overwhelm when it comes to nutrition and help my clients break free of all the diet culture BS that has left them less confident over the years. 

Laura Ligos Nutrition

The goal is to leave you feeling educated, empowered and confident in your own health and nutrition. I’m just here to guide you and give the power back to you.

Find Freedom in Your Health and Nutrition

It’s hard to make sustainable health changes if we are still caught up in diet culture. We work to rebuild your foundation so that you can see food and nutrition in a new light and get to a place where you trust your body and the choices that it makes. 

Rebuild your relationship with food

Your relationship with food (and body) is a great foundation but you also deserve to feel your best. We work together to figure out what your individual body needs to feel it’s best. 

Optimize Your Health

Let’s Work Together 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

 Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics


B.S. Nutrition Sciences, Cornell University

MBA General Management, Dominican University

Dietetic Internship, Dominican University


Mom of a 2.5 year old fun loving boy.

Dog lover with a spunky 7 year old Wheaten Terrier, named Bode

Albany, NY is my current home with my husband of 9+ years, but I’ve lived in a few states including Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois.

Was a division 1 swimmer and my best (and favorite) event was the 200 fly

Love hiking, cooking, swimming, going to the beach, snowboarding, hanging out with friends, watching terrible reality TV, reading and going for daily walks. 

More Fun Facts About Me

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