Ever been told that your lab work looks normal but you feel like something else is missing? We use functional lab testing in my practice to dig a little deeper and find out if anything else is going on. We can look at stool, urine and/or hair to look into what might have been missed elsewhere. These tests are not diagnostic but can help us form a plan to improve diet, lifestyle and supplements based on your individual results. 

Functional Lab Testing

Time Commitment: Varies
Investment: Starts at $399

Health Questionnaire

Functional Lab Test. Chose from:
      GI Map: Comprehensive stool test
      DUTCH:Urine testing for hormones 
      HTMA: Hair test to look at mineral status
Recorded Video & Written Review & Analysis of Results

Personalized Protocol with recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and supplement changes

10% discount on premium supplements 

What's Included:

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