This is my most in-depth program with personalized recommendations and solutions for your health and nutrition. We work together over 4 months to help rebuild your relationship with food, dig through functional lab testing and optimize your health through diet, lifestyle and supplement changes.  

Premium 1:1 Coaching

Time Commitment: 4 months 
Investment: $2,400 ($600/month) 

What's Included:

2 Comprehensive Lab Tests (stool test + hair tissue mineral analysis) + Dietitian Review & Recommendations 

Bloodwork Recommendations (bloodwork is not included in this package but can be added on at an additional cost if we decide you need it and if your doctor is not willing to order it)

Initial Consultation + In depth Health & Symptom Questionnaires

Bi-weekly or as needed phone or virtual appointments during the 4 months

Email and messaging support between sessions (really helpful if you have questions which most people do!)

Custom nutrition recommendations, recipe suggestions, product recommendations, etc. to make this as simple as possible

Personalized supplement protocols (if necessary) to provide additional support. 10% discount on premium supplements included. 

Access to client-only educational modules to further build your health tool kit.

Time to discuss other important aspects of health: balancing blood sugar, meal structure and timing, stress management, sleep habits, movement, etc.

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